Explore Plitvice National Park in One Day 

A day trip to Plitvice National Park in Croatia is an absolute must when visiting Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National park is Croatia’s largest park, and one of the oldest national parks in Southeastern Europe. This national park is situated close to the border of Bosnia and Hercegovina in the Karlovac County. There are 16 crystal clear lakes and multiple cascading waterfalls. The lakes are very well known for their beautiful color changes of azure to green, blue, and grey.


Getting to Plitvice National Park from Zagreb’s bus station is very easy. The bus to Plitvice Lakes departs Zagreb multiple times a week at various times. It is very easy to check bus schedules on the bus station website (Autobusni Kolodvor Zagreb) a few days in advance. You can also purchase your bus tickets off of the website or at the station on the day of departure. The bus tickets are around 15 USD for a round trip ticket. When my husband and I went to Plitvice Lakes for a day trip, we purchased our tickets the day of departure and had no difficulty. The bus ride is about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to Plitvice Lakes. The bus will stop at two bus stations right outside of the actual park. The first station is at the main entrance of the park where you will start your tour walking. The second entrance is slightly further and you can take a boat ride from this entrance to the other side of the park. Plitvice National Park is very large so keep in mind that you will need all day here to be able to see all of the lakes and waterfalls.


My husband and I started at the main entrance. The entrance fees are about 30 USD per person. We started by walking all the way down to the main waterfall, It is quite a walk down so make sure and wear comfortable shoes and clothing. During this walk you get to enjoy the beautiful sights of the lakes and valleys. The main waterfall is definitely the most picturesque, so make sure to take photos here. There are a few different options while at Plitvice National Park as far as sight seeing. You can stay on the wooden boardwalk and follow it to different sights or you can go off the beaten track. My husband and I chose to go off the beaten track and hike up the mountain. It was tiresome but worth it when we got to the top. During our hike up the mountain we ran into some of the most beautiful sights that literally took our breath away. We were able to see all of Plitvice at the highest point.



You can easily spend all day at the Plitvice National Park. There are boats that will take you from one end of the park to the other or you can just walk around on your own and explore. After you are done exploring the park and by this point are probably very hungry (as we were) there is a restaurant at the main entrance. At the end of our day we ate late lunch outside and reminisced on the sights. When it is time for departure, there is a bus station literally right across the road from the park. That is most likely where your bus will come pick you up, unless stated otherwise. Now you are back on your way to Zagreb with the most fond memories of one of the most beautiful national parks.

Make sure and add Plitvice National Park to your bucket list because it truly is worth seeing. Pictures do not do it justice. My visit to the park will forever stay in my memory and I hope to return again soon.

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  1. This one for sure is scribbled in. I’ve known about Croatia’s sights through the amazing images I’ve seen online. Your pictures are beautiful. I will be bothering you when I finally decide to go there. Hope that’s fine.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! It almost looks fake when you see pictures because its so beautiful! But it truly looks like that! I will go again in the future for sure… of course I would love to answer any questions you have!

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