Most Instagrammable Spots in Lisbon, Portugal

It is no surprise that Lisbon is becoming a very very hot destination these past few years. Like other instagramers and bloggers I saw so many beautifully colorful photos of Lisbon and knew I just had to go! I just got back from Lisbon about two weeks ago and was absolutely blown away by its beauty. My husband and I went without any expectations (other than the amazing photos I have seen all over Instagram and Pinterest) and fell in love with Lisbon.

I knew that Lisbon would be colorful but I had no idea how colorful it would be. Honestly, every corner and alley in Lisbon was stunning. There are tiled buildings all over the city wedged between pink, blue, orange, purple, and yellow buildings. I think I have more photos of just buildings and tiles than anything else! Anyway, my point is that almost every spot in Lisbon makes for a perfect photo opportunity. For that reason I have compiled a list of the most Instagramable spots within the city to help guide you when you make the trip to Lisbon (everyone should go ahead and move Lisbon to the top of their Bucket List!). Check out this three day itinerary for Lisbon if you are on a time crunch!

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Praca do Comercio

Praca do Comercio is one of the main and most beautiful squares in Lisbon, located right by the Tagus river. The square was once the main maritime entrance to Lisbon, before the 1700s earthquake. The Entrance to the square is just as stunning as the actual square itself! The 19th century triumphal arc that leads you to Rua Augusta, one of the main pedestrian and shopping streets in Lisbon, is adorned with statues of important individuals in Portuguese history. The whole area really is so stunning and makes for a perfect Instagram shot (just make sure to show up early in the morning!).

Praca do Comercio

Praca do Comercio

The Pink Street

The Pink Street is located on the Rua Nova do Carvalho area. It is actually very easy to find with multiple access points. The pink street is actually famous for its night life. During the day, the street is an adorably colorful place to take photos and have a coffee. At night, the street turns into the most popular party location in Lisbon with multiple bars and discos open for business! The first time we went to the Pink street was actually early in the morning on the way to Alfama. Big mistake- there was trash everywhere from a night of drinking and partying. I tried to get some photos but the cups and other trash were seriously “photo bombing” my photo. We decided to return again in the afternoon, and to our surprise the street was clean and beautiful again! The only issue with coming in the afternoon is that you have to be patient with people walking by, if you can be patient than you will get that perfect IG shot.

The Pink Street- Lisbon

The Pink Street- Lisbon

Carmo Convent

The Carmo Convent is a former Roman Catholic Convent that was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake. Presently, only the facade of the convent remains. It actually is a really interesting place since the roof of the convent is no longer there, and you are greeted by a nice blue sky. This convent really makes for a beautiful photo because of how unique it is. I cannot say that I have seen or have been to a place like it, the remaining facade really makes for one beautiful photo.

Carmo Convent Lisbon, Portugal

Carmo Convent Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama Area

So this area of Lisbon deserves special recognition and mention. The Alfama district in Lisbon is the oldest area of Lisbon. It is located on top of one of the many hills of Lisbon, which is why the 1755 earthquake and tsunami did not damage the area as much as other parts. This is my favorite area in all of Lisbon and here are my reasons why.

First of all, every single look out or Miradouro in Lisbon is gorgeous! My two favorite look outs are Portas do Sol and Miradouro de Santa Luzia. Portas do sol is a terrace where locals and tourists can enjoy a coffee or beverage all while enjoying the most beautiful view of Lisbon. Portas do Sol is very easy to find since it is just straight up the hill from Bairo Alto, you really will not be able to miss it. Miradouro de Santa Luzia is also another beautiful look out and small park. I think what I loved most about it was the big bougainvillea tree and fountain with colorful buildings in the background. It made for the most beautiful photo scene, especially early in the morning.

Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama district Lisbon, Portugal

Next are the numerous adorably colorful alleys of the Alfama area. I mean I could have gotten lost in every alley because each one was more beautiful than the last. All of the vibrant houses and cobble stone streets is an Instagram dream. When you do go to Lisbon, give yourself some time to just wander. That is how I found these beautiful little alleys!

Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama District, Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Now we move onto the street art in Alfama! I loved how the street art colors offset the vibrancy of the buildings. I am telling you, every corner of this district is more amazing than the next. Maybe that is why I snapped so many photos haha. But really this whole district was made to be photographed!


Not only does Alfama have gorgeous street art and alleys but the doors are just as adorable! I feel like every door we passed by was stunning and I just had to take a photo by it. If you love ornate or colorful doors than this area is definitely for you.



Sao Jorge Castle

Sao Jorge Castle is a Moorish Castle situated on top of a hill in the Alfama district overlooking Lisbon and the Tagus River. The top of the Castle offers many great view points of Lisbon including the April 25th Bridge. Around the castle are also several beautiful spots with Bougainvilleas and adorable benches.Β  Make sure and get there in the morning because the line to enter the castle in the afternoon was much longer than when we initially arrived.

Sao Jorge Castle, Lisbon



Tiles Everywhere

One of my favorite things about Portugal in general are the tiles! They are everywhere and I was literally obsessing over them. Living in the USA where houses are mostly standard and not so colorful, I was mesmerized with the tiled buildings. If I told you how many photos I had of tiled buildings or just tiles you would probably laugh haha. So if tiles are your thing than Lisbon is perfect for you.

Not only are tiles beautiful to look at but they make gorgeous photos! You can see stunning tiles every where by just walking around Lisbon, especially in Bairo Alto or the Alfama district. Aside from just seeing tiled buildings, you can visit the tile museum (Museu do Azulejo). This museum is a little outside of Lisbon so we took an uber to avoid the heat. There are beautiful tile mosaics to look at and a stunning observatory to take the prettiest photos.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Belem Tower

Belem tower is located in the Belem district along with the Jeronimos Monastery. The Belem tower is a fortified tower that is a UNESCO world heritage site because of the significant role it played during the age of discoveries in Portugal. This tower is located right on the bank of the Tagus river and has some stunning details. The tower can get pretty crowded in the afternoon so my advice is to get there in the morning. We actually went there after the Jeronimos Monastery (which I will talk about in just a little) and bought a ticket for the monastery and tower while waiting in line at the monastery. I highly recommend this if you are planning on going inside the tower because it will save you a lot of waiting in line.

Belem Lisbon, Portugal

Jeronimos Monastery

Talk about the prettiest monastery I have ever seen! Every corner of the monastery is so picture perfect that I could not contain myself. This monastery is an example of late Portuguese Gothic architecture. There are beautiful, detailed, and ornate arches decorating the entire monastery. The photo opportunities in this monastery are endless, you will not regret taking the time to wander around its stunning hallways.

Jeronimos Monaster, Lisbon

Jeronimos Monaster, Lisbon

Jeronimos Monastery, Lisbon

Also do not forget to go to one of the look outs or Miradouro’s for sunset. My favorite look out to watch the sunset and have a drink was Portas do Sol. I loved watching the sky change from blue to pink and purple every evening. Not only is it a relaxing place to enjoy the view, but it is the perfect place to capture a stunning sunset.

Lisbon, Portugal

Now you can see why Lisbon is becoming so popular among tourists all over the world. I knew when I booked my trip that I would have a great time, but never in a million years did I think I would love it so much! The culture, locals, colors, architecture, alleys, tiles, and food exceeded every possible expectation I could have. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend Lisbon! Every corner and street is picture perfect and any Instagramers dream come true. Go ahead and put Lisbon at the top of your bucket list, all the fuss is totally worth it! I hope this post will help you get those IG worthy shots when you visit this amazing city πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much! Lisbon is a colorful dream! I would go back tomorrow if I could! You will love it, let me know if you need any more tips!

  1. looks like i am going to have the best time of my life when i go there! it’s like a dream! definitely up on my bucket list! πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful colours! Lisbon is a great city to take photos as it has so many nice streets and pretty houses. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Lisbon is amazing! Its literally an explosion of color every where you turn! The weather was perfect every day!

  3. Wow! Lisbon looks like the photographer’s dream! I love all the bright colors, it just seems like you’d been in a great mood surrounded by all that color! Great post with so much detail!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Lisbon is so photogenic, always easy to find something beautiful! I really loved it there, everything was so perfect πŸ™‚

  4. Ahhh, this takes me back to Lisboa! It’s such a great city to be in! I love your photos and you’ve covered everything that’s great about it. I love the photos of Jeronimos!

    1. Thank you so much! Lisbon is a great city, one I plan on returning to for sure! So easy to get good photos there, that monastery is a dream!

    1. Thank you so much! You are too kind! I have taught my husband well haha and Lisbon is a gem! I highly recommend it! I have a post coming soon for Sintra- day trip from Lisbon too!

  5. I’m from Goa and a large part of our heritage is from the Portuguese. Lisbon reminds me so much of home. Especially that iconic yellow!

  6. I LOVE Lisbon! I visited 5 years ago and absolutely fell in love with all the colours and beautiful architecture. I didn’t even know there was a pink street but it looks so pretty! Cascais is another beautiful area. It’s about 45 minutes from the city by train and it’s a beautiful and colorful resort town!

    1. I loved it too! There is so much to see there, I was pretty amazed! And yes we were close to Cascais when we went to Sintra!

  7. Ahh I am dying to go to Lisbon! The entire city looks instagrammable! You found some amazing photo spots! Hoping to make it by the end of the year!

  8. Hey Andrea, after spending my last summer in Lisbon I assure you that this is a stunning article that describes perfectly which as the best spots for photography! Well done! πŸ™‚

    1. Aww thank you so much! Lisbon is such an amazing city, I would love to go back one day and go to all of these places again!

  9. You made Lisbon look amazing! My friend Stephanie is headed there in a few weeks and she’s got me thinking about Lisbon for the first time. Up until recently I hadn’t really given it much thought, but because of our recent conversations is why I clicked on your post to check it out. I’m going to send it to her to get her extra excited about her upcoming trip. Great photos Andrea!

    1. Aww thank you! Lisbon is actually one of my favorite European cities! So much culture and color! I am dying to go back! She will absolutely fall in love! Let me know If I can help with anything! Thanks for reading again πŸ™‚

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