Costa Brava: The Perfect Day Trip From Barcelona

If you have an extra day while in Barcelona and want to see a different side of Spain, than a day trip to the beautiful Costa Brava is definitely for you! The Costa Brava is the northern coast of Spain and includes the seaside towns of Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar, and Girona. It starts in Blanes and stretches all the way to the French border.

My husband and I booked an organized tour through Viator because we honestly did not feel like having to figure out train times and stations. This tour included only 8 individuals and we were allotted free time for the majority of the day. I highly recommend this tour because not only was it easy, but the included lunch was fantastic! It was a 4 course authentic meal with lots and lots of sangria! what more could you ask for? Ok now lets get back to talking about this day trip!

We started the day off at the meeting point in Barcelona for our tour, got into the van and drove to our first stop, Blanes! Our tour guide was kind enough to take us to an idyllic secluded beach cove that is only known to the locals living around it. We were able to take a dip in the Mediterranean and enjoy the gorgeous cliffs and stunningly blue water.



Adorable white building right above the beach

After our time at the beach we headed to the Marimurtra Botanical Gardens. This botanical garden is one of the most beautiful on the Mediterranean because it is situated at the top of cliffs overlooking the gorgeous sea. You get the best panoramic views from this botanical garden along with seeing thousands of different plant species. It is a total must see when in the Costa Brava region, even if it is just for the incredible views! After strolling around the beautiful gardens, we made our way to the castle high above the town of Blanes. This castle is very small but the views do not disappoint at all! There is a perfect arch with the most perfect view of Blanes that is a must for that Instagram worthy shot! Once we walked around the castle and took in all the incredible views, we made our way to our destination for our included lunch. This restaurant is family owned and has so much character. We were treated to a 4 course authentic Catalonian lunch and several glasses of the best sangria I have ever had! I really do believe that the lunch was the highlight of this tour. After eating more food than I probably ever have in my life we set out to our last stop of the day, Tossa de Mar.





DSC_0077 (1)
Castle above Blanes- Perfect Arch view!

Tossa de Mar is Costa Brava’s last fortified town and is so picturesque! I don’t know about you, but I have never been to a coastal town with remains of an old fort on the beach! Much of the town dates back to the 12th century including the adorable cobble stone roads and alleys. You could probably get lost wandering around this adorable town and finding beautiful spots in every corner. There are many shops, restaurants, ice cream shops, and stands in this little town to fill all of your desires! I specifically remember buying a homemade Popsicle from one of the stands and feeling so satisfied on a hot summer day. After you have wandered through the little town, head to the walls of the fort to get stunning views of Tossa de Mar. Be cautioned though because these walls can get pretty crowded in the summer so if you want good photos be sure and go in the morning. If you get tired of wandering and walking, take a dip in the Mediterranean, lay on the beach, watch the waves, and relax.

DSC_0090 (1)


DSC_0152 (1)

DSC_0167 (1)

If you want a relaxing day without all the hustle and bustle of the city life, than this tour to Costa Brava is perfect for you. We totally needed the day to recharge and just leisurely explore and relax at the beach. If I could do it all over again, I totally would in a heart beat! Especially a chance to eat at that restaurant again and drink all the sangria I can possibly drink!

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15 thoughts on “Costa Brava: The Perfect Day Trip From Barcelona

    1. Thank you! You must do a day trip, it was the perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city! Thank you for reading!

  1. What wonderful photos of Barcelona—one of my favourite cities in the world. Your pictures made me forget, for a moment, what has been happening there recently. Thank you so much!
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  2. I’m totally in love with this! I remember seeing photos of this place on your Insta and just can’t believe it’s not too far from Barcelona! Will def have to hit up this place when I go to Barcelona one day~!

    1. Aww thank you Jin! I know its super close making it such a perfect day trip! We had a blast, you will totally have to go!

  3. Reading your post brings back memories of my trip to Barcelona and to its surrounding areas. We stayed a couple of days in Girona and drove around Costa Brava. Such a beautiful place!

    1. So glad you are able to reminisce! Costa Brava is so beautiful 😍I also really enjoyed my time there! Thank you for reading!

    1. For sure next time! The Costa Brava is gorgeous! I wish we would have had time to go to Montserrat! Next time 🙂

  4. I love Costa Brava! This summer I got to take various trips around the area and I still feel there’s so much more to see! Marimurtra Garden is one of my favourite places, but Tossa de Mar is gorgeous as well <3 You really got to see some of the best highlights of the area!

    1. Me too! I loved exploring the Botanical gardens! The views were just amazing… its a great coastline to explore. Thank you for reading!

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