12 Most Instagrammable Spots in NYC

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My first trip to NYC was pretty exciting for me as I have never been to a city that big in my life! Most people that I spoke with before going stated that NYC is overrated and that there are better cities out there. Most said that the crowds were unbearable and that I was simply wasting my time. Well let me tell you, I absolutely loved NYC and every charming little corner of it! If I could go back today, I would in a heart beat! This is why I have compiled together a list of the 12 most instagrammable spots in NYC for your next trip to the Big Apple!

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1. The Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most iconic bridges in the world, and one of the most classic bridges of NYC. I never knew how much I would fall in love with this bridge until I had the pleasure of walking across it. The views of the NYC skyline from the Bridge is just stunning and totally necessary to witness. My recommendation is to get there early preferably either at 8 AM or a little before to avoid the crowds and cyclists!




My first thought when I heard DUMBO was naturally what everyone else thought… the adorable big eared elephant from all of the Disney cartoons! What I did not know is that DUMBO actually stands for down under Manhattan bridge. DUMBO is situated in Brooklyn pretty close to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There are some great photo opportunities under the bridge, and you can even see the Empire State building through the bridge! Make sure and get there early, or you will be waiting for your turn for what seems like forever.


3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

After taking some photos at DUMBO, make your way to the Brooklyn Bridge park where you will get some pretty magical views of Manhattan. I think this is my favorite skyline view because you get the entire city right in front of you.



A very hipster and stylish part of town, SOHO offers many great boutiques and shops and the cutest streets! This is also a very busy area so if you want some good photos, I suggest to get there in the morning. Dodging people and cabs is definitely a lot harder than it sounds.


5. West Village

West village AKA “little bohemia” is the one of the most adorable parts of NYC. The beautiful brownstones that we all wish we lived in and color facades of buildings make it the perfect place for some IG worthy shots! The whole area is loaded with adorable cafes, restaurants, and shops made to be explored.


6. The Oculus

The Oculus is actually a transportation hub and shopping mall located right next to the 9/11 memorial. The white beans and stunning architecture make the Oculus one of a kind for sure. It definitely gets very busy inside the building make it difficult to take photos during the day, maybe getting there earlier would make it that much easier!


7. Flat Iron building

The Flat Iron, probably one of the most interesting sky scrappers I have ever seen, is definitely a must see sight while in NYC. Its Gothic architecture coupled with a very interesting wedge shape to the building make it easily recognizable by just about anyone! The Flat Iron district is also a very busy area (what area in NYC isn’t?) so dodging oncoming traffic was only appropriate to get that IG worthy shot.



8. Central Park and the Bethesda Fountain

Central park is probably the biggest and most impressive park I have ever visited within a city. The greenery, many fields, and beautiful pathways are a perfect getaway from the high stress city life. Our first stop while in Central park was the infamous Bethesda fountain (Gossip Girl duh). To our surprise on that cold Sunday morning, a race was going on at the same time clogging the entire park with thousands of runners. We still made it work though, with lots and lots of patience!





9. Walls in East Village

So much street art is scattered all over NYC, making it perfect for any IGer! I love when I find a color wall, especially with hearts! The walls are constantly changing due to the mood of the artist. This one in particular is one of my favorites!


10. Sunset views at The Crown at 50 Brewery

My good friend and fellow IGer Serena’s Lenses actually recommended this bar to me and some other bloggers, and I must say It had the most perfect sunset views over the city! I am so glad that we took the time to go up and enjoy this iconic view.


11. Times Square

If this is not the busiest square in the whole world than I don’t know what is! Lights, noise, and people everywhere you turn. It can slightly be overwhelming, especially if you are not used to it or coming from a smaller town or city. Either way, overwhelming or not, it is one of the most iconic places. I totally have a love/hate relationship with Times Square, maybe it is because I walked out into traffic several times for a photo!


12. The Top of the Rock

Probably my favorite attraction of the entire trip and definitely the best $30 I spent in NYC (not including the delicious food). The view from the top of the Rock is just incredible, I mean there really are no words. The Empire State building is directly in front of you with the harbor to the right. The sky deck is the perfect place to soak in the breathtaking views, and get that IG worthy shot of course.




And this concludes my list of 12 most instagrammable spots in NYC! All 12 locations are must visits while visiting the Big Apple to get those IG worthy shots that everyone raves about ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I plan to go to NY next year and this guide is great for a fashion-travel blogger, thanks for that! ;).
    Now that I’ve visited LA, I need to go to the place of Sex and the City!

  2. Ahh I need this! We are going in January again and I haven’t been back to NYC in a few years – the other times I went were always for work so not much time for sightseeing! All of these photos are great!

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