8 Reasons to Stay at SLS Baha Mar in the Bahamas

Have you ever wondered what beautiful turquoise water beaches, blue skies, 80 degrees Fahrenheit pretty much all year, and natural beauty looked like? Well look no further because that is exactly what the Bahamas offers! Did you know that the Bahamas is actually an archipelago of coral? Isn’t that pretty interesting, also there are 700 islands and cays most of which are uninhabited. It is a true paradise lovers country to explore! The most populated city in the Bahama is Nassau, which is also the capital. There are many resorts scattered about New Providence Island making it sometimes hard to choose where to stay in the Bahamas on your first visit. I had the pleasure of recently staying at the new SLS Baha Mar resort on New Providence Island, and I have to say I was completely blown away!

Here is a little back story on SLS Baha Mar on New Providence Island. This is a new resort located on the Baha Mar part of New Providence Island, which has recently opened its doors in November of 2017. Even though it is a relatively new resort compared to some other resorts on the Island, SLS Baha Mar portrays style, luxury, a Bahamian feel throughout the entire resort, and has amenities for any type of traveler. The concept and design of SLS Baha Mar is so impressive that it has become increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world. I mean the hotel itself is pink! What more could you even ask for?! There is a lot more to SLS Baha Mar than its beautiful pink facade, and below are my top 8 reasons why you should stay there on your initial or subsequent visit to the Bahamas.

1. The Entire Property is a Color Lovers Dream 

Who would not want to stay in a hotel that is pink?! Yes that is right, the entire SLS Baha Mar hotel exterior is pink and gives off such a fun and colorful vibe. Not only is the hotel pink, but the entire grounds are painted in pretty blues, yellows, pinks, and all of the other colors of the rainbow! The moment we arrived and walked out to the Bungalow pool, my eyes were immediately drawn to the colorful aesthetics and design of exterior. I think immediately at that moment, I fell in love with the entire property! The resort truly makes you feel like you are in a tropical paradise from the moment you walk through the door.






2. The Pools are Made to be Lounged by 

If you are like me and love a good pool to lounge by when on vacation, than the SLS Baha Mar resort has got you covered. There are two main pools at SLS Baha Mar, the Bungalow and the Privilege pool. The Bungalow pool offers a seclusive vibe with pool side cabanas, impeccable service, and a pool side restaurant and bar to eat and sip drinks while relaxing. The lounge chairs are designed with high quality and comfortable cushions, that are also colorful and fit the Bahamian vibe of the resort. Whether you want to seek the sun and lounge on one of the chairs, or if you are looking to get away from the sun and seek a more intimate vibe with a cabana, than SLS Baha Mar can offer it all!




The second pool, the Privilege pool offers a more upscale feel with its dining and drink options. The Privilege pool is the perfect pool to escape the family feel of a resort. To enter the pool area, you must be 18 years or older. But not only does it give you the more adult vibe, it also features beautifully designed cabanas, day beds, inflatables, and private villas for rent for the day. We truly enjoyed our afternoon, lounging on a day bed, eating a delicious lunch (try the SLS burger, it is to die for!), and sipping on cocktails (try the margarita and mojito). There is also full service catering available and I cannot stress enough how tentative the staff is to ensure that you have the most relaxing VIP experience possible.





3. Cute Food Trucks by the Beach and Food/Drink Huts 

Just when I thought that the SLS Baha Mar could not get any more cute and colorful, I found the pink and blue food trucks by the beach and the colorful huts that serve fresh daiquiris and conch salad! If you are wanting a more laid back food scene, or are already by the beach, than any of these food trucks or huts are perfect for you!  You can order your food/drink and take it with you back to the beach or just stroll with a daiquiri in hand! We actually got daiquiris frequently because they were that good (with rum of course, but they do have non alcoholic options as well) and made with fresh fruit right in front of you! The aesthetics of the food trucks and little huts match the tropical paradise vibe that SLS Baha Mar portrays throughout the property.




4. The Pier that Jets out into the Crystal Clear Sea 

One of my favorite parts of this resort, other than the mentioned reasons, is that there is a pier jetting out into the clear turquoise water. I think piers are the perfect place to watch the sunrise or sunset, and make for such a scenic walk. If you have never seen a Bahamian sunset than I will be the first to tell you that you are missing out! The sky changed from blue to pink almost every single evening, and the pier was our favorite spot to watch and take photos of the sunset. The pier is easy to get to from the hotel and entails walking past the adorable DAQs Shack and Conch shack. The walk way is also filled with palm trees scattered about, giving you that perfectly tropical vibe.





5. There is a Long Beach Strip 

The SLS Baha Mar and the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar own a pretty large beach strip for hotel guests to enjoy. Who does not love a white sand beach with turquoise blue water? I mean it is true paradise on earth and the perfect place to lounge and feel the sea breeze through your hair. There are plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas throughout the beach strip, and they will even bring you an umbrella if you decide that you need one! The service really is impeccable everywhere you turn on the resort property. There are also colorful little huts with beach towels, so you literally do not have to lift a finger! If lounging all day on the beach is not your thing, there are kayaks, paddle boards, inflatables, and snorkel gear also available at no extra charge for you!




6. There Are Many Dining/Drink Options to Choose From 

If you are a foodie like me, than you are in luck! The SLS Baha Mar has so many delicious restaurants and pool side grills to entice all of your taste buds! The three main restaurants are Cleo, Katsuya, and Fi’ Lia. On our first night we dined at Cleo, which is a Mediterranean style restaurant. I highly recommend the “Spicy Cigars” as a starter, they are amazing! For our second evening we ate at Katsuya. Katsuya is an upscale asian restaurant with some amazing sushi options to choose from. Here I recommend the baked crab rolls and the Katsuya Fresh for a cocktail. For our last dinner we ate at Fi’ Lia. Fi’ Lia is an amazing Italian restaurant where your salad course is freshly prepared right at your table. even the croutons are made fresh right before your eyes! Here I highly recommend the squid ink pasta, it is one of the best Italian dishes I have ever eaten. For lunch you have many options, whether you want to sit down by the pool and enjoy the amazing SLS Burger, grab some Nachos from one of the colorful food trucks at the beach, or enjoy a mid-day pizza at Fi’ Lia, SLS Baha Mar has got you covered.

Food from the Pool Side Grill
spicy ccigars
Spicy Cigars at Cleo
Sushi at Katsuya
Freshly made salad at Fi’Lia

The Monkey Bar, located right in the hotel lobby, is a great place to sit and enjoy one of the signature cocktails that are offered any time of day. I particularly found it to be a relaxed and sophisticated bar to have a pre-dinner drink. The design of the bar is just as beautiful as the rest of the hotel.


7. Activities on the Resort Property

Not only does the SLS Baha Mar offer snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaks right off of the beach, they also have a wildlife sanctuary on site. In the sanctuary you can learn about nurse sharks, sting rays, and sea turtles. You can even reach in and pet the sharks and sting rays while they swim around. Access to the sanctuary is free of charge for hotel guests, and make for a great alternative to sitting in the sun especially if you are vacationing with children.

There is also a Las Vegas style casino that connects the SLS Baha Mar to the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar property, that guests from both resorts can enjoy.

8. The Resort Staff are Simply Amazing

The staff at SLS Baha Mar are truly amazing, and exceeded our every expectation. There is a staff member literally on almost every corner of the resort property ready to answer any question you may have! If you are lounging by the beach and do not want to leave your chair, than do not worry because the SLS Baha Mar staff will bring your meal to you. The staff is always smiling and willing to engage in conversation with you making you feel just like you are at home.

On our first day, we were greeted with champagne, macarons, and fresh fruit in our hotel room. I mean if that is not exceptional service than I do not know what is. I almost feel like they knew that macarons were one of my all time favorite deserts!


balcony view

On our last day at SLS Baha Mar, our flight home did not leave until 3:50 pm. We decided to go lounge on the beautiful beach just one last time, so we left our luggage with the staff at the front desk and proceeded to enjoy our last day in paradise. When it was time to get ready to leave, the staff kindly gave us our luggage back and took us to a changing room so that we could change from our swimsuits and freshen up before our flight home. This is just one of the numerous ways the staff at SLS Baha Mar went above and beyond to make sure that your stay was perfect.

Are you planning on visiting the Bahamas soon? If you are than your trip to this tropical paradise is not complete without staying at SLS Baha Mar. I cannot rave enough about the property, staff, perfect location, and amazing dining options. If you don’t believe me? Go see for yourself!

If you are planning on staying at the SLS Baha Mar, send me an email (email is in the contact information on my site), and let me know when you are going and your name. By sending me an email I can ensure that throughout your stay the director of marketing for SLS Baha Mar will personally look after you and provide one complimentary item to make your stay memorable.

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  1. I am all about tyyaing in unique and luxury hotels. I would love to visit the Bahamas and I am sold on staying here! Thanks for sharing this beautiful hotel.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! This is the most colorful place I have ever stayed in, it was so worth it!

  2. I looove the SLS hotels. I’ve stayed at the them in LA and Vegas. Would love to visit here in the Bahamas! Love the colors and the location seems perfect!

  3. This looks like my ideal hotel! I had no idea there were such stylish hotels in the Bahamas. The Privilege Pool, the beach. the food huts – it all looks bliss. Not to mention a photographer’s dream!

    1. Aww thanks so much! Its such a beautiful place to stay in the Bahamas, we really enjoyed it! Let me know if you end up staying there soon!

      1. For sure! Let me know when you book and I will let the marketing director know and he will offer something complimentary for your stay!

  4. This looks so dreamy. The pastel colors are seductive and those are the cutest food trucks I’ve ever seen. Were the Bahamas designed for Instagram? I’m definitely putting this resort on the list for my next beach vacation!

  5. this is a beautiful destination and I loved the Hotel and the beautiful pictures. putting it on my list of rest and relax making memories

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this Andrea! I’m heading to the SLS this week and your article has got me super excited! Your pictures are amazing. Can’t wait to try the spicy cigars!

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