My name is Andrea Cvitanovic Mayfield and I am an ordinary girl who loves traveling to old and new destinations. I am a Registered Nurse by day, grad student (Nurse Practitioner) when I am not at work, and wanderluster/traveler whenever I am not doing the other two jobs.

My love for travel really sparked as a child. I was born in Croatia, but did not live there very long and moved to Germany with my family. After living in Germany for 6 years, we moved to the USA, which is my current place of residence. My favorite region to explore and travel to are the Balkans because of the deep personal meaning it has to me.

Travel blogging has really opened my eyes to how beautiful our world is. The ability to travel to various countries and cities has been beyond fulfilling, and I hope that I can inspire some of you through my stories to visit these places as well.





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